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美国内衣品牌 Knix 为此特别访问了新手妈妈们, 90 % 因产后的身型受到评论, 76 % 感到回复产前身材的压力,56 % 的妈妈一度患有产后抑郁。

Women’s body undergoes hormonal changes during and after pregnancy. When a woman is pregnant, her body produces the female hormones estrogen and progesterone in a higher amounts. In the first 24 hours after childbirth, these hormone levels drop rapidly back to non‐pregnant levels. Menstrual hormone changes can potentially trigger symptoms like what women go through  during and after period. In some women, low thyroid levels can cause depression or irritation, sleep problems , concentration problems and weight gain. Is there  an association between body shape satisfaction and  perinatal depression? Aside from these physical changes, new responsibilities such as the pressures to be a ideal mother,  or the pressure to lose weight,  or the frustration of losing husband’s attention, or the dissatisfaction of a wonderful sex life can be risk factors lead to postpartum depression. 

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Life After Birth 相集中,母亲们诚实地展示她们的橙皮纹、手术的疤痕和鬆弛的肚皮等等,这些真实的日常,其实是很多新婚女性和準备怀孕的女性都没有看过的真实。


#LifeAfterBirth鼓励女性以更正面的态度拥抱自身的产后身体, Joanna Griffiths 在诞下新生儿的五天后便决定发起 Life After Birth Project。他们集合了超过 250 位妈妈的照片与文字,包括三位创办人和名人如 Christy Turlington 、 Jemima Kirke 及 Amy Schumer 等。

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该展览将在另外八个城市巡迴展出,包括 Los Angeles 、 Portland 、 Seattle 、 Dallas 、 Austin 、 Denver 、Minneapolis 和 Toronto。上传照片时使用标籤 #LifeAfterBirth ,以及@lifeafterbirthproject 便可以展现你的支持

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